B.L.O.G.S. … Business Lubricant Oil Grease Service

Ahhh … the lube oil and filter service, a mechanic’s bread and butter.  This is the work that helps to: bring the customer to the shop; maintain your customer’s vehicle in running order; and point out areas that are needing to be repaired or will need to be repaired shortly.  In short, this is the work that helps to keep the dialogue flowing between the two parties involved (customer and mechanic) and build up a trust relationship with visits every three months or 3,000 km’s.  Now, what happens in the time between those short visits?

One way to fill the time gap between customer visits and maintain the relationship is to use the social media tool of blogging.  Better business Blogging offers 17 tips to building a stronger business blog, with ideas such as: #12 – throw in something company specific every now and again; and #14 – Guest post – ask someone else to write the blog entry that week (or month) – throw some variety into the blog pot. 

Some other blogging ideas are:

  1. Create a car care guide complete with video or podcasts
  2. Pose a question and answer section which may become a frequent asked question area
  3. For your employees –  Put together a work related training section, complete with videos and podcasts that are available to be viewed for review of concepts or teaching purposes.
  4. Operate a useability forum – This is where you: ask the end-user to evaluate your blog; give you feedback of what they do and do not like; and what they want to see in the future.  They will come back if you build what they want to read.
  5. Have regular entries – Decide at the beginning of your project, if your initial idea is to fill the 3 month void between visits it would make sense to have more than one entry every 3 months. 

One last point, an interesting statistic from Build a Better Blog site,  over 57 million Americans read blogs.  It would be great to reach them all, but even 1% would be fantastic and help to increase your business.

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One Response to B.L.O.G.S. … Business Lubricant Oil Grease Service

  1. What i find difficult is to find a blog that can capture me for a minute but you definitely add value. Bravo.

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